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Eric Bordelet 'Perlant' Pétillant Cider (Alcohol-Free), Normandy, France [330ml]

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Eric Bordelet 'Perlant' Pétillant Cider (Alcohol-Free), Normandy, France

In 1992, Eric Bordelet, a sommelier who trained in some of Paris’ top restaurants, returned to southern Normandy to take over his family’s estate and orchards. With the encouragement of his close friend, the iconic Didier Dageneau of Pouilly-sur-Loire, he began producing artisanal ciders from apples and pears—ciders without equal that draw closer comparisons to fine, vintage wine than to beer. Over the years, he has revolutionized the cider industry by bringing it into restaurants, high-end wine shops and export markets around the world. He uses the old French spelling for cider, “Sydre” and “Sidre,” to name his bottlings.

Winemaker: Eric Bordelet
Farming: Biodyanmic
Variety: Three hectares of ancient, heirloom varietals of apple and pear trees that are 40-50 years old.
Vinification: Despite the incredible acreage of his orchards, Eric’s entire production of fruit is hand-picked, or rather picked-up, and put in wooden cases. The fruit is left in a drafty cellar to dehydrate for three to five weeks, after which time it is pressed.