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Pampas Grass Arrangement - Gift Add On

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Select a Wylde Flower Workshop pampas grass arrangement to add to any order!
*vase not included*

 All bouquets are available for pick-up, SF delivery, or shipping.

To maximize sustainability efforts at the workshop, arrangements will include flowers that are in season and therefore might not be identical to those shown here. *vase is not included*

Preserved flowers are 100% natural & real flowers that have gone through a skilled & complex process to maintain their color, shape & natural flexibility. Dried flowers are dried from fresh using a variety of techniques, meaning they can be more delicate & therefore have a shorter life span than preserved. If probably cared for, both kinds can last many years in the right environment.

Waterless & wilt-less, there's little-to-no upkeep required, read on to help keep your blooms looking fresher for longer.

Flower Care: (a care guide will be included in each shipment)

  • Don’t water!
    • These flowers have already been dried/preserved so moisture will be damaging to them
  • Avoid direct sunlight, drafts & humidity
    • Exposure to the elements will cause the flowers to deteriorate faster. Keep them indoors, in a carefully chosen spot & enjoy them for years
  • Be gentle
    • Dried flowers can be fragile & get more delicate as time goes on. You may experience some loss of petals or shedding over their life cycle. I like to recycle these in pots around the house, adding a few drops of essential oils for an extra burst of natural scent
  • Take care of them
    • There may be times when your flowers get a little dusty & they can be cleaned as long as you handle them with care. Use a hairdryer on cold/ lowest speed setting/ compressed air or a feather duster if you’re a little fancy.
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