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Premium Tinned Tuna, Salmon and Trout

Discover DECANTsf's Top Tinned Fish Picks

  • Classic Ventresca in Olive Oil: Perfectly preserved in high-quality olive oil, Ventresca, or Tuna Belly, is ideal for salads, pastas, and healthy sandwiches.
  • Tuna Fillets in Ratatouille: Infused with olives, eggplant, tomatoes, and capers, this tuna brings a Mediterranean twist to your meals, perfect for warming and topping over rice.
  • Premium Smoked Trout with Juniper and Thyme: Enjoy the rich, delicate flavor of Fangst Rainbow trout, perfectly preserved in high-quality oil. Ideal for salads, sandwiches, or a nutritious snack.
  • Wild-Caught Tinned Salmon: Savor the robust and hearty taste of Ekone wild-caught Coho salmon, perfect for a variety of gourmet dishes and healthy meals.
  • ABC+ Trout Fillet in Onion Relish: A perfect meal-in-a-tin, with gorgeous sweet onion notes. 

Shop now to discover the rich flavors and unbeatable quality of our Premium Tinned Tuna, Trout, and Salmon Collection, and elevate your meals with the finest tuna available.

  • Need inspiration? Get our our favorite book, From Tin to Table, for amazing tinned seafood recipes!

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  1. Albacore Tuna Loins with Onion & Green Pepper, Artesanos Alalunga, Spain - DECANTsf
  2. Chargrilled Bonito (Albacore) in Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Gueyu Mar, Spain
  3. Salmon with Sea Buckthorn and Lemon Verbena, Fangst, Faroe Islands, Denmark
  4. Smoked Albacore tuna with Lemon, Ekone Oyster Co., WA - DECANTsf
  5. Smoked Coho Salmon, Ekone Oyster Co., WA
  6. Smoked Freshwater Trout with Juniper and Lemon Thyme, Fangst, Denmark
  7. Smoked Salmon in EVOO, Jose Gourmet, Norway - DECANTsf
  8. Smoked Trout Pate, Ati Manel, Portugal
  9. Trout Fillet in Onion Relish, ABC+ by Jose Gourmet, Portugal - DECANTsf
  10. Tuna Belly in Yuzu-Kosho and Organic Olive Oil, Siesta Co., Spain
  11. Jose Gourmet 'Tuna Fillets in Olive Oil', Portugal - DECANTsf
  12. Tuna Fillets in Light Brine and Thyme-Lemon, Maria Organic
  13. Tuna Fillets w/ Ratatouille, Olasagasti, Spain - DECANTsf
  14. Ventresca Tuna Belly in Olive Oil, José Gourmet, Portugal - DECANTsf