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TEAM USA livestream: Women's World Cup

⚽️ DECANTsf will be your home for #TeamUSA #WomensWorldCup.
Join us for By The Glass and Bottle specials, matching the location of the game to the growing region in France.
Match 1: CHAMPAGNE 🍾
Match 2: PARIS (bistro wines)
Match 3: NORMANDY (cider & camembert)

*Donation Opportunity*

In honor of #PRIDE month, DECANTsf will pass your donation along to The Immigration Equality Action Fund. The Immigration Equality Action Fund is the largest organization in the country that works to represent LGBTQ and HIV-positive immigrants living in the United States, as well as their families. Trans asylum seekers are particularly vulnerable as they travel to and seek refuge in the country.
All games streaming on the back wall starting at noon. TEAM USA group stage match games REPLAYED at 6pm with the sound ON.

Reserve a table:

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