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Albacore Belly in Olive Oil, Artesanos Alalunga, Spain

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Artesanos Alalunga is much more than just a commercial brand. It is a family project, forged from the passion for gastronomy and the determination to offer the world the benefits of the Spanish coasts, in which canned fish from the Cantabrian Sea is preserved and captured using sustainable fishing techniques.

These jewels that the ocean gives us every year are combined with the highest quality natural ingredients which are cooked applying the most respectful techniques for the product in search of excellence.

Rich and fatty belly cut of Thunnus alalunga, the namesake of the brand. Mellow flavors allow the subtle textures of the meat to shine through.

Tarantello (also spelled tarantelo) is a luxurious belly cut from this Albacore. Located just behind the more well-known belly cut of Ventresca, tarantella is meatier, but still flush with flavorful and silky fat.

Each summer, schools of Albacore make their way into the Bay of Biscay in search of food. There, they are caught by local fishermen and sold in the market on the same day. Alalunga only crafts their “Bonitos” from this bounty in the summer months, when they are local and fresh as can be.

TASTING: rich, silky, umami
PAIRING: light beer, bubbly wine, vermouth or other amari on the rocks
SERVING: on toasted bread with butter, flaked into a light salad, salt and vinegar potato chips
INGREDIENTS: albacore (Thunnus alalunga), Arbequina EVOO, olive oil, spring mineral salt
CAUGHT IN: Cantabrian Sea