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Burzi 3-Pack: Vintage Vertical: '17-'18-'19 of 'Classico' Barolo, Piemonte, Italy

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Burzi 'Classico' Barolo, Piemonte, Italy

A brother and sister project from the heart of Piemonte!

2017, 2018 & 2019 GIFT SET

A value vertical of ageworthy & delicious Barolo!

It’s unusual to find young Barolo that is drinking generously, and even harder to find it at a moderate price point, but we are fortunate to work with the very tiny production from Alberto Burzi. Located in La Morra, the Burzi family operated as grape growers and hazelnut famers for nearly four decades. But when Italy's Economic Miracle occurred from 1958 to 1963, folks migrated from the country to the cities in droves, leaving behind a neglected landscape for traditional farmers. With demand and prices down, Alberto's grandparents eventually decided to rent out their prized vineyards to famous Barolo producers Robert Voerzio and Federico Grasso, who produced critically acclaimed wines from their small bundle of valuable crus. 

While Alberto's mother and aunt had no interest in farming from their parents, he had taken keen interest. Growing up close to his family's vines in Alba, he loved the land deeply, and eventually graduated from the University of Turin with a degree in Viticulture and Oenology. After a few years of consulting locally Alberto decided to finally take the plunge into winemaking from his family's own vines, and alongside his younger sister Caterina, they launched Azienda Agricola Alberto Burzi in 2012. Together they manage 7 hectares of organic vineyards, producing around 25,000 bottles each year in the village of Santa Maria in the town of La Morra. 

Planted to clay-rich Tortonian soils, Barolo made from La Morra tends to be softer and more perfumed, often considered a more delicate iteration of the region. Alberto does well to capture this softer side, but uses daily pumpovers in the winery to extract a touch more power and concentration in his wines. His careful approach creates wines that are energetic and dense, but also supple and approachable. It is truly a unique style of Barolo that Alberto is leading the charge on popularizing in the region. 

Today we are delighted to be able to offer a very limited vertical of some of Alberto's most promising recent vintages of Barolo Classico: 2017, 2018 & the exemplary 2019. Sourced from the three crus of Roncaglie (60%), Rive (20%) and Capalot (20%), these wines frame the essence of La Morra perfectly. Hints of violets, dried pomegranate and crushed thyme are underscored by richly dense sour black cherry, fresh tobacco and supple tannins that coat the palate. This is the perfect pairing for slowly stewed meats, salty hard cheeses or that decadent holiday prime rib topped with Alba truffles (also available through DECANTsf this holiday season!).

2017 Vintage, Burzi Barolo Classico -  Fresh & Energetic. Drink Now through 2030

2018 Vintage, Burzi Barolo Classico - Elegant & Structured. Drink Now through 2030

2019 Vintage, Burzi Barolo Classico -  Classic & Exemplary. Drink Now through 2032

Three 750ml bottles of superbly-made Barolo for under $200? This doesn't happen often. Really. Gift it to the wine geek in your life, to that client you want to impress, or even just to yourself for a job well done on surviving 2023. 

Only a few Vertical Packs are available. Reserve yours today

Winemaker: Alberto and Caterina Burzi 

Farming: Organic

Variety: Nebbiolo

Vinification: Alberto selects grapes for the Classico Barolo from several small vineyards aged 25 to 70 years old. They macerate the grapes for 20 days in steel tanks with daily manual pump-overs before fermenting and aging in large Austrian botti

Tasting Notes: Crushed violets, dried pomegranate and thyme are underscored by richly dense sour black cherry, fresh tobacco and and supple tannins. This wine is very enjoyable now, but can be held 10-15 years.