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Pianora 'Erborista' Vermouth Rosso Dolce, Coccaglio, Lombardy 2021

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Pianora, founded in 1986, is located on Montorfano, a hill of tectonic origin that marks the southern border of Franciacorta, characterized by the presence of the only steeply sloping terraced vineyards of this wine area.

Terroir: The vineyard is made up of 2 hectares in all, of which 1.5 are vineyards and the remaining dedicated orchards and grove to promote biodiversity. The ancient terraces are located 280 meters above sea level; they are very steep (slope approx. 50%), and with an excellent southern exposure. The soil on which the vines grow is of tectonic origin with morainic surface remodeling: it is composed of pebbles of different sizes, conglomerate, quartz sand, red clay, and marly limestone. In the vineyard, there are some of the largest and most fascinating outcrops of conglomerate shoals in the area.

Wermut Erborista Formula XII: This comes from the base of certified organic wine from the Pianora sul Montorfano vineyard in Coccaglio (BS), enriched with slow infusions of carefully selected herbs and spices. This was born with the idea of enhancing a territory, that of Montorfano, using wines born from its land and selections of botanicals that find their place on its slopes, combined with others of exotic origin.

On the nose, the main note is given by the Elderflower and the aromatic Sweet Flag. Three types of artemisie (wormwood), of which two are local, and barks of precious woods such as Citrine Sandalwood and China calissaia (quinine) give elegant bitter, persistent and constantly evolving notes. The brilliant reflections and the carmine red color are given by the cabernet sauvignon and merlot blend present in the infusion blend, not caramelized sugar (most red vermouth is a white wine base colored with caramelized sugar).

The blend of botanicals has been studied thanks to the advice of one of the pioneers of the herbalist world in Italy: Sergio Rossi of Erborista il Germoglio which boasts over 35 years of experience with plants, spices and infusions. There is no added alcohol, ready-made essences, chemical additives, artificial colorings, caramel or burnt sugar.