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Sorgente Prosecco Extra Dry, Veneto, Italy NV

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Sorgente MV Prosecco Extra Dry, Veneto, Italy

Winemaker: Undisclosed! This is a project between a Prosecco estate and The Source Imports.
Farming: Organic
Variety: Glera
Terroir: Sorgente Prosecco comes from a six hectare parcel of Glera vines located in Friuli-Venezia Giulia, and a solid golf shot away from the Veneto border to the west, the vineyards sit only a few hundred meters from the natural spring (called sorgente in Italian) at the nascita of the Livenza River. Interestingly, they chose the name Sorgente because it means “Source” in Italian, but had no idea at the time that it was in fact bordering a river that begins from a natural spring.The vineyard soils are endowed with limestone and clay

Vinification: All the grapes are destemmed and the berries go through a soft pressing. The must is settled and then transferred to another tank where it is brought to a temperature of 17°/18°C in order to start the first fermentation—an indigenous yeast ferment which lasts about twelve days. Once the sugar becomes alcohol with 10-10.5% by volume, the sparkling base is finished and will be kept in tanks at a constant temperature of 10/12°C. The wine will be kept in contact with the fine lees—a combination of natural and to a much lesser degree, cultured—for more or less 60 days, with weekly bâtonnage to bring texture to the palate. During this two-month period the wine develops its complex and textured mouthfeel from the lees as well as smaller more fine bubbles than those that are bottled immediately and sent to market. Total SO2 is never more than 120mg/l and the alcohol is 11.5%

Dosage: 12g/L, leaving a sense of sweetness. 

Tasting Notes: An off-dry but refreshing and cid-drive Prosecco, this is an excellent aperitif wine, or can pair well with fresh fruits or salty snacks.