DECANTsf is not currently looking to work with new books in 2019.

no solicitations accepted. appointments required in 2019.

HOW we taste for DECANTsf

DECANTsf tastes wine BLIND. This means all sales reps will be asked to put the open or coravin’ed bottle in an opaque bag and pour from that. The only information we want to know while initially tasting is 1) the price, 2) region, and 3) varietal/blend.

Our goal is to remove any personal bias on producer or reputation, and taste primarily for QUALITY and VALUE. This is to ensure to our customers that every bottle selected on the shelves at DECANTsf is hand-picked and vetted, and gives them the best bang for their buck.

WHEN we taste for DECANTsf

DECANTsf Team tastes twice a month: Wednesdays and Third Thursdays.

Wednesday tastings are appointment only beginning at 11am through 2pm and are 25-minute appointments (6 appointments max). Please have your bottles prepped and ready. Please do not bring more than 6 selections.

Third Thursdays will be open tastings, first come first served, between 10:30am and 1pm (last tasting at 12:40pm) on the Third Thursday of the month. This is an opportunity for new suppliers or winemakers to be able to come by without an appointment. These are 20 minute time slots. This is subject to change depending on need, so please check this page before coming on Thursdays.
Please have bottles prepped and ready, with no more than 6 selections.

WHAT we taste for DECANTsf

Every week, we will post on this ‘trade’ section of our website which general categories we’d like to taste on Thursdays. Please stick to what we are asking for. Please check the site and confirm that we are indeed tasting. Tastings might be cancelled based on need.

We will not take any random drop-in or ‘splash and dash’ tastings at any other time, unless authorized ahead of time by Cara or Simi. If you would like to drop off an unopened bottle outside of an appointment, you may do so as long as all technical information, pricing, and contact information is attached.  

NON-ALCOHOLIC items, food, gifts

We also love books and snacks, water and kombucha, tea and chocolate, etc. If you have a non-alcoholic item you think might be a good fit for shop, please contact us using our website form and we will get back to you with interest and an appointment. We are very interested in pop-ups and collaborations with Bay Area artisans creating consumables or beautiful things! However, we cannot currently resell any THC- or CBD-containing products.