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Beer & Cider

Explore our selection of beer and cider, perfect for pick-up or local delivery. From hoppy IPAs to crisp ciders, discover a variety of refreshing options to satisfy your taste buds.

  • Local Delights: Support local breweries and cideries with our curated collection of craft beverages from the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond.
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  • Convenient Options: Whether you're hosting a gathering or simply craving a cold one, our pick-up and local delivery options make it easy to enjoy your favorite beverages whenever you want.
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  1. Beachwood Brewing Blonde Ale, Long Beach, CA [16oz. can]
  2. Black Hammer Brewing 'Playa' Gluten-Removed Mexican-style Lager, San Francisco, CA
  3. Black Hammer Brewing 'Breakfast of Champions' Breakfast Milk Stout, San Francisco, CA (16oz Can)
  4. Black Hammer Brewing 'Pale Blue Dot' Blueberry Sorbet Sour, San Francisco, CA (16oz Can)
  5. Black Hammer Brewing 'West Coast Six' IPA, San Francisco, CA (16oz Can)
  6. Break Even Beermakers 'Pilsner Cowboy', Amador, CA [12oz Can]
  7. Brooklyn Cider House 'Kinda Dry' Hard Apple Cider, 12oz Can, NY
  8. Brouwerij West 'Bounce' West Coast IPA, San Pedro, CA [16oz can] - DECANTsf
  9. Brouwerji West 'Popfuji' Unfiltered Pilsner, San Pedro, CA CA [16oz can]
  10. Cascade Brewing 'Garden Party' Barrel Aged Sour Ale, OR 2017  [500ml bottle]
  11. Fonta Flora Brewery 'Paloma Gose', Nebo, NC [12oz bottle]
  12. Little House Brewing Co. 'Fine We're F*ckin' Adorable' Triple IPA, CT [16oz. Can]
  13. Mystery Bag of Beer - Sommelier's Choice! - DECANTsf
  14. Occidental Brewing Japanese-Style Dry Lager, Portland, OR [16oz Can]
  15. Original Pattern 'Reflections in Time' Hazy IPA, Oakland, CA [16oz Can]
  16. Original Pattern Brewing Co. 'Galactic Utopia' IPA, Oakland, CA [16oz Can]
  17. Original Pattern Brewing Co. 'Peekaboo Gose' Sour, Oakland, CA [16oz Can]
  18. Prairie Artisan Ales ‘Buntastic' Imperial Stout with Carrot Cake, Oklahoma [12oz bottle]
  19. Snow Capped 'Plum and Lemongrass' Cider, Colorado, 12oz Can
  20. Soul Fixx Hard Kombucha (Assorted Flavors) [12oz Can]