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  1. Aslan 'Cosmic Dreams' Hazy IPA, WA [12oz Can]
  2. Brasserie Cantillon 'Rose de Gambrinus' Raspberry Lambic, Belgium 375ml - DECANTsf
  3. Brouwerji West 'Popfuji' Unfiltered Pilsner, San Pedro, CA CA [16oz can]
  4. Cascade Brewing 'Garden Party' Barrel Aged Sour Ale, OR 2017  [500ml bottle]
  5. Common Space 'Hammock Street' Lager [16oz. Can]
  6. Decadent Ales 'Heavy Lifting' Milk Stout with Vanilla Bean,  NY [16oz. Can]
  7. Fat Orange Cat Brewing Co. 'Read the Room' Belgian-style Blonde Ale, CT [12oz. Can]
  8. Knotted Root 'Beyond Description' Unfiltered IPA, CO. [16oz. Can]
  9. Little House Brewing Co. 'Fine We're F*ckin' Adorable' Triple IPA, CT [16oz. Can]
  10. Mystery Bag of Beer - Sommelier's Choice! - DECANTsf
  11. Soul Fixx Hard Kombucha (Assorted Flavors) [12oz Can]
  12. Sunriver Brewing Co. 'Bondi Beach Party' IPA, OR [16oz can]
  13. Urban Roots 'Like Riding A Bike' West Coast IPA, Sacramento, CA [16oz can]