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Jose Gourmet Red Pepper Jam, 250g

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This jam combines the boldness of red pepper with the tang of white wine vinegar and the sweetness of sugar, creating an unexpectedly delightful taste experience.

Red peppers hold a revered spot in traditional Portuguese cooking, featuring prominently whether in a crisp salad, as the foundation of a rich soup, or in other quintessentially sublime dishes. In every kitchen across the Iberian Peninsula, the capsicum family is a staple ingredient.

Crafted from Portuguese red peppers harvested from the quaint farms of Ribatejo and Alto Alentejo, this jam is a labor of love. After deseeding, the peppers are cut into ample pieces, thoroughly washed, finely chopped, and meticulously blended with carefully selected ingredients to achieve a perfectly balanced spicy-sweet preserve.

JOSÉ Gourmet jams are lovingly produced using age-old recipes, comprising roughly 70% fruit and 30% sugar, without any synthetic additives. Preservation is achieved through natural pasteurization, involving boiling in large pots.

Pairing Suggestions: Ideal with red wines like Pinot Noir, sparkling Cava, crisp pilsners, neat mezcal, or a calming cup of rooibos tea.
Serving Ideas: Complements fresh cheeses such as ricotta or feta, grilled meats, selected conservas, and hearty, rustic bread.
Region: Ribatejo and Alto Alentejo, Portugal

Ingredients: Red pepper, white wine vinegar, sugar.

Illustration by Ana Salvador.