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Tuna Belly in Yuzu-Kosho and Organic Olive Oil, Siesta Co., Spain

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Siesta and YUZUCO proudly present a fusion of Spanish and Japanese culinary traditions with their exclusive Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō. This exceptional product combines the treasured Spanish ventresca, the richest part of the tuna known for its luxurious texture and depth of flavor, with the distinctive Japanese yuzu koshō. Yuzu koshō enhances the ventresca with its citrusy zest and a hint of spice, creating a harmonious blend that is both invigorating and sumptuous.

This innovative blend is perfect for a simple yet sophisticated eating experience—enjoy it directly from the can or served over rice for a delightful sushi-like dish. Keep a can of Siesta's Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō within reach to satisfy your gourmet cravings at any moment.

Ingredients: Light tuna belly fillets, organic extra virgin olive oil, yuzu peel, green pepper, sea salt.

Net Weight: 4 oz.

Battera Sushi Recipe
Discover the culinary art of Battera Sushi with this unique fusion, where science and taste merge to connect cultures in one exquisite bite.

  1. Prepare sushi rice to perfection.
  2. Delicately slice crisp cucumber.
  3. Mold rice into a rectangle.
  4. Layer cucumber slices over the rice.
  5. Crown it with Siesta's Tuna Belly in Yuzu Koshō.
  6. Drizzle with infused olive oil (from the tin).
  7. Embellish with your preferred seasoning.