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Tuna Fillets in Thyme-Lemon, MARIA Organic, Spain

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Maria Organic Tuna Fillets in Light Brine and Lemon Thyme, 120g

These premium tinned tuna fillets are delicately preserved in water and infused with organic lemon thyme, setting them apart with their distinctive flavor. The crafting of this product is deeply rooted in artisanal techniques, and it is presented in recycled paper packaging, reflecting a commitment to sustainability.

The high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids in the tuna combines beautifully with the antioxidant benefits and zesty taste of lemon thyme, also known as pennyroyal. This blend not only enhances the flavor but also aligns with the healthful principles of the Mediterranean diet.

 The citrusy notes of lemon thyme elevate the natural richness of the tuna, making each bite a healthy and delicious choice for discerning palates.

MARIA Organic utilizes sustainable fishing practices, focusing on small-scale, artisanal methods that benefit the social, economic, and ecological aspects of the marine environment. The brand's fish are wild-caught in their natural habitat off the Iberian Peninsula, promoting biodiversity and preventing the spread of invasive species. The manual production process ensures high-quality fish are hygienized and canned properly, with each piece handled individually to meet consumer expectations without mass production. Traditional pre-cooking methods are used to maintain the quality and appearance of the fish before canning. Additionally, MARIA Organic commits to fair trade principles, fostering equitable relationships with suppliers and supporting sustainable lifestyles among consumers.