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Cacaosuyo 'Piura Select 70%' Chocolate, Peru (2.47oz)

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Cacaosuyo 'Piura Select 70%' Chocolate, Peru (2.47oz)

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A vibrant chocolate reminiscent of sweet tarts, the cacao for this bar is carefully selected and processed to preserve all of its vibrant, natural flavors.

Made with rare Porcelana cacao from the Piura region, this chocolate offers abundant bright, tart, fruity notes and then settles into a more nutty, woodsy finish.

70% cacao of Piura origin chocolate, characterized by its fruity and citrus profile, with nutty notes, honey, panela and malt.

Chocolate al 70% cacao origen Piura, caracterizado por su perfil afrutado y cítrico, con notas a nuez, miel, panela y malta.

INGREDIENTS: organic cacao mass, organic sugar


CACAOSUYO, a Peruvian chocolate maker following the "tree to bar" approach, emphasizes 100% traceability and a meticulous process from harvest through fermentation to cacao processing to achieve the highest chocolate quality. Their commitment to excellence is evident as they meticulously analyze beans in dedicated labs, classifying each strain to uncover new flavor profiles and protect rare varieties. Samir Giha and Eduardo Lanfranco craft their chocolate in Lima, Peru, exclusively using Peruvian cacao beans. The brand's magic lies in a passionate and meticulous approach, investing in cocoa knowledge, collaborating with international advisors and farmers, ensuring full traceability, and actively involving small farmers in the value chain. Beyond product quality, CACAOSUYO is dedicated to enhancing the lives of cocoa farmers, combining tradition, innovation, and unwavering dedication to deliver exceptional chocolate worldwide.