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Galician Octopus, Conservas de Cambados, Spain

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Conservas de Cambados 'Galician Octopus', Spain

Located in Spain's northeastern region of Galicia, Conservas de Cambados focuses on preserving the freshest of seafoods found in the Galician estuaries (rías gallegas). With over 900 miles of coastline packed into this one small region of Spain, Conservas de Cambados capitalizes on existing relationships with local fisherman to acquire each day's best catches from the local markets, and processes and cans each specimen of Galician goodness by hand. 

The octopus is one of the star cephalopods of Galicia. It is a typical product in their gastronomy that enjoys a special prestige. The process of preparation is done by hand and the final packaging is added Conserva de Cambados' renowned seafood sauce, prepared with utmost care and over low heat, turning this product into a delicacy.