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White Tuna in Pickled Escabeche, Espinaler, Spain

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Espinaler 'White Tuna in Pickled Sauce', Spain

The Espinaler family started their long line of businesses in the late 1880s, with a small bar in Barcelona, serving wine and snacks. Eventually the Civil War in Spain caught up to them, and after it had passed, they were forced to reinvent themselves. In the 1950s, they introduced Espinaler Sauce to the market, a special blend of top quality vinegar, red pepper, black pepper and carefully selected spices, which with the years has made Espinaler Sauce known everywhere.

Bonito del Norte already shines deliciously when showcased in olive oil, but it becomes even more vibrant in taste and color when the spotlight of escabeche shimmers down on it.

Pole & line-caught and processed by hand, the quality of this tin’s contents stretch from the very beginning of its process, to the end when a meticulously balanced sauce of oil, vinegar and spices is delicately ladled atop the moistest of fillets. We recommend enjoying it from the tin with warmed french baguette and hard cheese or draining the tin liquid and whisking in an egg yolk for a quick dressing on your new, favorite, spicy Nicoise.

TASTING: flaky, sweet, sour, spicy

PAIRING: pilsner, aged parmesan, white beans

INGREDIENTS: White Tuna, Wine Vinegar, Olive Oil, Salt

CAUGHT IN: Galicia