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Garfish in Olive Oil, Ati Manel, Portugal

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Garfish in Olive Oil, Ati Manel, Portugal

Amongst the most sustainable species one can tin, garfish (or Belone belone) is a long and slender, needle-like fish known for its striking, silver skin, unique flavor, and firm texture. 

If you enjoy sardines and mackerel, this offering in Portuguese olive oil is a must-try addition to your next tinned seafood spread. We recommend first trying them on grilled toast with piquillo peppers or giving them a quick batter, deep fry, and dowsing of lemon juice for a crispy, umami-rich appetizer.

TASTING: rich, flaky, firm, umami
PAIRING: prosecco, etna bianco
SERVING: aged sheep's cheese
INGREDIENTS: Garfish, Olive Oil, Salt
CAUGHT IN: Iberian Peninsula

State of California: Proposition 65 Mandate