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Jamón de Bellota Ibérico, Fermin, Spain (Sliced, 2oz)

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FREE. NO NITRATES OR NITRITES ADDED. This product has been made from the finest cut of a 100% Iberico pig, a native breed from Spain. During the Montanera season (from October through February), this pig doubles its weight eating acorns and grass. Making it the finest and most prestigious pig in the world. The result is a delicious loin with a great marbling seasoned with a mild pimenton.

Beautifully presented in a skin pack . The slices are very easy to separate, to present on a plate and impress to all Iberico lovers. CURED FOR 70 days using artisanal methods in La Alberca, Spain, a Natural Reserve declared a World Heritage.

INGREDIENTS: 100% Iberico acorn-fed loin, salt, pimenton, garlic.


About Fermín:

Fermín was born in 1956 as a result of the efforts of Fermín Martín and his wife, Victoriana Gómez. In the years prior to the creation of the company, they gathered the traditional knowledge for upbringing and curing the best Iberico pigs in La Alberca, which has been practiced for centuries.

After years of dedication, they transformed an activity that was basically done for family survival into an industry that currently employs more than 100 people. At present, it is Martín’s children, Santiago and Francisca, who run the company, maintaining the same principles that made Fermín a unique and artesanal project from day one.

Throughout the past 60 years, Fermín has been dedicated to continue the traditional production of Iberico products and their commercialization throughout the world. We control the entire production process at our plants in La Alberca Est. 23 (Salamanca), and Tamames Est. 27 (22km from La Alberca), represented by the magical landscapes that surround us.