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Razor Clams in Brine, Jose Gourmet, Spain

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Sleek, solid, and sexy. This tasty narrow clam is smartly dressed in a mellow brine. Delicate and profound marine flavors are sweet and succulent bliss.

Reminiscent of early summer and white asparagus—in appearance, texture, and mild taste—razor shells are plush for your palate. A scintillating shellfish conserva…fresh as a sea breeze and bright as Portugal’s sun-drenched coast (more than 300 days of sun per year!).

Stay sharp. These chic mollusks are high in protein, vitamin B12, calcium, iron, and omega-3 fatty acids.

Leftover brine? Add to cioppino, fideos, or a baked white fish.

Pairing: sparkling wines, e.g. Cava, wheat beers, gin cocktails, e.g. Pimm’s Cup, Licor de Ginga

Serving: serve with capers, lemon, and cracker; add to arugula and orange salad with JOSÉ Gourmet Lemon Olive Oil; pair with pickled asparagus

Ingredients: razor shell (59.09%), water (40.41%), salt (0.5%)

Region: Spain