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Sardines Vintage 2022, Les Mouettes d'Arvor, France

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Vintage 2020 Sardines, Les Mouettes d'Arvor, France

Captured in the prime of the season between June and July, these sardines are netted by the skilled purse seiners along the Atlantic shores near Concarneau. Only the premier catch of the season is selected, encased in premium olive oil to preserve their freshness and flavor in these limited edition tins—a collector's gem.

Like the finest wines, these sardines improve with age. The longer they are stored, the more their flavors deepen and mature. To enhance their taste, it is recommended to turn the tin every six months and allow the sardines to age for at least a year before enjoying. As they mature, the sardines become tender and flavorful, offering a melt-in-your-mouth experience. In contrast, younger sardines possess a firmer texture and a bolder bite, as they have yet to fully absorb the oil.

Each fish is meticulously hand-cleaned, sized, fried, and canned, ensuring a product of exceptional quality and freshness.

This artisan method imbues the fish with a remarkable aroma and robust texture, distinguishing "Les Mouettes d'Arvor" as a connoisseur's choice for over half a century. The company's commitment to excellence is showcased in their annual release of specially designed vintage sardine tins, highly sought after by collectors.

Limited Edition: Available while supplies last.

Net Weight: 115g

Ingredients: Sardines (75%), Extra Virgin Olive Oil (25%), Salt.

Les Mouettes d'Arvor is the esteemed brand of Conserverie Gonidec, founded in 1959 and is a testament to enduring family craftsmanship, now under the stewardship of Jacques and Valérie Gonidec. As Concarneau's sole traditional canner, Gonidec processes locally caught sardines, mackerel, tuna, and anchovies